MXD Moto App: Analyze, Share, & Improve your riding

Using your iPhone compatible with 4, 4s, 5 & 5s! , the MXD Moto App is the smartest choice for motorcycle enthusiasts! Simply put, its the most complete and feature rich Lap Times, Speed, Total Time, Bike Settings, Ave Time & more! moto app on the market.

The MXD Moto App uses the iPhones GPS capabilities to capture and calculate data. Simply enter a new track, click Start, and let the app do the work. When finished, press Stop, then adjust where you want your Start/Finish position. This is what logs your lap times and other critical data by triggering each time this spot is crossed.

Once the Track is entered, its saved into your Track list for future rides and the data logged is saved into a Ride Day wether it’s one ride or ten rides in a day.READ MORE HERE...

Easily collect data that will improve your riding experience using the Click Mount by MXD Labs. Easily mounts to your forks behind your front number plate. Once mounted, loading and unloading the case is as easy as sliding it in until it clicks into place. The rubber hex liner was designed to absorb shock and vibration as well as keep your iPhone out of harms way. The Click Mount is built using polycarbonate material for strength and TPU for shock and vibration dampening.

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Most MXA test riders were nervous about putting their expensive iPhones on their bikes, but after having some big crashes and not getting a mark on their iPhones, they stopped worrying. The Click Mount iPhone case is extremely durable. We became confident placing our iPhones in it.
Motocross Action Magazine, December 2013 issue
Thanks to the many safety feature built into the Click Mount, the case is protected against virtually all elements, including gravity!